Pipedream Extreme Cyber Snatch 5 Inch Pink

Pipedream Extreme Cyber Snatch 5 Inch Pink

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  • Product Sku: XPDRD226
  • Manufacturer: Pipedream Products,inc.
  • Availability: Available Now
  • Release Date: May 20, 2011


Slip inside your fantasy slut and enjoy the sensation of a super tight, super-stretchy Cyber Snatch! Once your penetrate her tight little hole, the yielding sleeve wraps around your cock and clings to your shaft like a real pussy would. The lifelike lips look and feel just like the real thing--only better! Cum inside her all you want and she won't say a thing! Lube her up and she stays wet until you explode!

As always use plenty of Moist Lube for an extra wet encounter and Pipedream Toy Cleaner for quick and easy clean-up.

Item Length: 5 in. - ( 13 cm )
Item Width: 2 in. - ( 5 cm )
Item Height: 2 in. - ( 5 cm )

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Product Reviews


Very nice feeling, very soft, not overly stimulating. Maybe a little large, even for large guys. Close ended, with nice suction. Hard to clean.

Anonymous - January 20 2016

It Ruptured After Maybe A Dozen Uses.

Poor design flaw. The passageway in the center area is too close to the outer surface, causing it to be thin-walled. It did have a nice feel while it lasted, though I didn't care for the sticky feel of the outer surface.
It also made my Johnson itch! When are they ever going to improve on this funky jello?
Yeah.... sad life. I need a girlfriend.

Anonymous - December 19 2015

One of the best Toys ive ever used!

Its great to have a toy long enough that you can thrust all the way into without your penis coming out the other end! That way its stimulated constantly instead of on and off which = better orgasm!

On top of that the Ribs are highly stimulating and intense because there are so many of them per cm. + There is a curve so it helps stimulate the the penis head and the underside of the penis better. Good suction also.

The only downside that may be a possibility is the curved hole comes close to the edge of the toy so maybe after many uses the penis might burst through, but on the other hand there may be enough to hold off from that happening indefinitely.

Great orgasm intense stimulation, clever design that hits the right spots, easy use n clean, looks good, you can thrust all the way in like instinct, 10/10

Anonymous - June 16 2015

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